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Donausteig Etappe 4_G04 Perg - Mitterkirchen: „Entlang des Schwemmkanals durchs Machland“ - Fernwanderweg - Tocht Opper-Oostenrijk

Donausteig Etappe 4_G04 Perg - Mitterkirchen: „Entlang des Schwemmkanals durchs Machland“

Donausteig Etappe 4_G04 Perg - Mitterkirchen: „Entlang des Schwemmkanals durchs Machland“

Donausteig Etappe 4_G04 Perg...


The Donausteig-simply fabulous! Starting from the historical town of Perg, we walk along the strictly regulated Naarnkanals (canal) through the fertile Machland (region) to Mitterkirchen. We discover the world of lumber floating on the Naarnkanal, the former celebrities of the Perger Mühlstein crushers, the project of the century "Machlanddamm (dam)"...
PergPerg - The Donausteig-starting point "Perg" lies in the north eastern part of the main square (tree group with fountain across from the parish church)

Beste Jahreszeit
This Donausteig-stage starts in the historical town of Perg on the northern edge of the Machland plain. The atmospheric main square is the first highlight with its magnificent parish church with ornate facades. Hidden clues tell us here of the former pan-European importance of the city through its millstone production. Still in the town centre, we arrive at the next peak, the Naarnfluss (river). The river leaves here the hilly Mühlviertel and leads through the fertile plains of the Machland to the Danube. Today inconspicuous, the Naarn was formerly one of the largest lumber floating rivers along the Danube. Now, this silent witness brings us through the Machland. At the floating site, today a village, we leave the city of Perg and we continue into the lonely expanse of the Machland plains. The gravel path is lined with lush shore trees and fertile fields. Soon, the strictly regulated Naarnkanal runs straight through the flat Machland. The straight route and the perceived remoteness invite to ponder! The Donausteig-resting point "Haid" offers us a welcome break. Following the rest, asphalted farm road and peasant farms underscore the human habitats of the "Machland". The flood defences of the village Wagra show us the ever-present threat of these houses becoming flooded in an instant. The final highlight of this stage is the Machlanddamm (dam). Between Labing and Mitterkirchen one can impressively experience the true dimension of this century project - simply fabulous!


Discover the following features with the Donausteig-diary

-Donausteig-starting point "Perg"

-Perg-the city of the millstones

-Lumber floating on the Naarn

-At the lumber floating site

-River regulation in the change!

-Renaturation-learning from nature

-Donausteig-resting point "Haid"

-Wallsee and the Danube-limbs

- ...


Download: Donausteig-diary "Stage 4_G04 PERG Mitterkirchen" - yet to follow!

From the Donausteig-starting point at the main square of Perg, the route follows the Doctor-Schober-strasse (street) first up to the Naarnfluss (river). There in front of the bridge turn right into the Terpenitzgasse. At the next intersection, turn left onto Herrenstrasse (street) and follow it to the Naarn bridge. Immediately after the bridge, turn right and follow the walkway along the Naarnfluss (river). At the children's playground and sports ground cross the tracks of the Donauuferbahn (train). Shortly afterwards switch river sides at the Naarnbrücke (bridge). A short paved road now passes the "Schwemmplatz (floating site)" village. The settlement road quickly merges into a gravel road and follows the strictly regulated channel of Naarn. The Donausteig-resting point "Haid" is reached after approx. 4,5 km. There, cross sides to the easter side of the bridhe and follow on the right the asphalt road to Wagra. At the flood gate, pass straight through. After about 400 m, the Donausteig turn left onto a paved road. At the next intersection turn right. After 40 m, the Donausteig meets up with following stage. Here is also the crossing point for the trip to the "Keltendorf Mitterkirchen" (Celtic village) about 500 m away! The asphalt road leads from here back to Labing. There, cross the flood gate and immediately after the bridge turn left. Follow the asphalt road up to the next crossing and turn right. The Donausteig-starting point "Mitterkirchen"is reached after approx. 500 m.


To facilitate the orientation, the Donausteig was provided with its own system of orientation - you will find the description  here  .

Maximale hoogte
254 m
Mitterkirchen - The Donausteig-Starting point "Mitterkirchen" lies on the north end of the sport park (on the eastern city edge, approx. 300 m from the city center)

On top of a basic hiking gear, a snack should be brough along as there are no food & drink possibilites on this stage.
For those who are solely going on a day trip, a detour to the "KeltendorF Mitterkirchen" is recommended. In this museum you experience in detail the lives of the Machland Kelten (Celts)!

The Donausteig-Starting point "Perg" is located directly at the main square of Perg  (Navi: A-4320 Perg/Hauptplatz).
Openbaar vervoer
Perg can be reached by Train and Bus. A transfer back from Mitterkirchen is possible by bus. Bus timetables online at http://www.ooevv.at  .
The city center is mostly a short parking zone. However there are many extended parking possibilites, sometimes free of charge, around 5-10 walking minutes from the city center.

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