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Videos Mayrhofen - Zillertal

Video's Mayrhofen - Zillertal

Funslope Ahorn Mayrhofen - 06/02/2016
2 years ago
eingetragen: 14.03.2016 - 2 413 Aufrufe

Mayrhofen is one of the largest inter-linked ski resorts in Austria and - thanks to its snow abundance, the countless slopes and its reputation as of freeride hotspot - is well-known way beyond the Austrian borders. The people in the Zillertal valley are on top of the game when it comes to freestyle, as the Vans Penken Park is not only one of the biggest but also one of the most popular snowparks in Europe! What else could you ask for? A Funslope, of course!

Funslope Ahorn from above!
3 years ago
eingetragen: 15.12.2015 - 2 970 Aufrufe

The Mayrhofen Region offers one hell of a Funslope since last season. It is situated at the famous Ahorn and this visit happened on a marvelous bluebird day. No winds and perfect conditions, make good ingredients to bring out the octocopter and show you some views from above! All wrapped up with some nice shots from the ground and this is what you get - the Funslope Ahorn at its best!<br /> <br > Check http:/www.funslopes.com for more informations on these cool and playfull features!

Mayrhofen & Hintertux GoPro 2013. What The Resort is Really Like!
5 years ago
eingetragen: 25.04.2014 - 3 646 Aufrufe

In March 2013 we met and interviewed a whole bunch of people in and around the resorts of Mayrhofen and Hintertux with the aim of getting the most honest review of the resorts possible.

We got insider tips, and general resort info from holidaymakers, ski instructors, comedians (there's a festival every year!) and lifties. So if you want to know what it's REALLY like, watch this.

Thanks to all who were gracious enough to take time out to chat with us.

We hope you enjoy the film...

If you'd like more information on the Mayrhofen ski area, then please visit www.mayrhofen.at

Filmed entirely at Mayrhofen and Hintertux, Tirol, Austria
Date: March 2013
Cameras: Chris Moran, James Fage
Editing: James Fage
Production: allconditionsmedia.com

Winteropening Mayrhofen RISE&FALL 2012
6 years ago
eingetragen: 24.10.2012 - 4 016 Aufrufe

Der RISE&FALL ist das Megaevent zum Saisonopening in Mayrhofen und läutet den Start in den Winter 2012/13 ein. Am 15. Dezember 2012 stellen sich waghalsige Athleten erstmals einem außergewöhnlichen Staffel-Wettkampf in den Bergen - Skibergsteigen, Gleitschirmfliegen, Mountainbiken und Skifahren! Mehr Infos unter www.riseandfall.com.

Vans Wängl Tängl 2012 - Re-cap
6 years ago
eingetragen: 24.10.2012 - 2 133 Aufrufe

The weeklong Vans Wängl Tängl Presented By G-Shock Contest-ival in Mayrhofen, Austria showcased the highest level of snowboarding the event has ever seen, epic weather conditions, innovative skateboarding, nightly parties, live music and life-long memories for all who attended the 10th Anniversary of this rider driven event.
Snowboarders Eric Willett, Iouri Podladtchikov and Arthur Longo made the trek from the Winter X Games in Tignes to join the laid back vibe of the unique team-format Vans Wängl Tängl snow event and took a break from their rigorous schedules to ride the perfect conditions of the Vans Penken Park. Peetu Piiroinen’s team topped the podium with a first place finish for the “Triple Cocks.”
Skaters mingled with musicians and snowboarders to check out the Pop-Up gallery hosted by Looking Sideways, which featured works from snowboarders and skateboarders Danny Wainwright, Blaise Rosenthal, Corey Smith, and French, Danny Larsen and others. The highest level of skating went down on the Mega-Mini-Ramp with Jake Collins dominating a “Cash for Tricks” Best Trick contest. Day two of the skate event featured a knock-out style team format that awarded innovation and combo tricks. Nassim Guammaz and Daan Van Der Linden amazed the crowd with creative skating and split the prize money with the other stand out teams in the top 4 finals, which included Josh “Manhead” Young & Andy Scott, Martino Cattaneo & Kevin Blaser, and Micky Iglesias & Phil Zwijsen.
M.O.P and Roots Manuva brought their legitimate hip hop legacy to the streets of Mayrhofen and performed a free show for nearly 1000 fans in the Music Pavillion. After a decade of staying true to the Ästhetiker and Off The Wall spirit, this event continues to be one of a kind, an event that creates memories and defies the boundaries of the typical contest. It’s rider-driven, for the riders, skaters, artists and musicians. It’s an event that no one wants to miss. For more info on the event check out www.wangltangl.com

Mayrhofen Freeski Open 2012
6 years ago
eingetragen: 24.10.2012 - 1 382 Aufrufe

Videozusammenfassung der dritten Mayrhofen Freeski Open im Vans Penken Park im Zillertal.

Vans Penken Park - Review Snowboard
7 years ago
eingetragen: 24.10.2012 - 1 591 Aufrufe

Ein Rückblick auf die vergangene Saison und mega Snowboard Sessions!

VansPenken Park - Review SKI
7 years ago
eingetragen: 24.10.2012 - 1 770 Aufrufe

Ein Rückblick auf die vergangene Saison und mega Freeski Sessions!

Kombibahn Penken
7 years ago
eingetragen: 24.10.2012 - 4 994 Aufrufe

Bei der Kombibahn am Penken ist diese Frage in Zukunft passé. Denn bei dieser technischen Weltneuheit, die die Vorzüge zweier Systeme miteinander verbindet, können Gäste in Zukunft zwischen achtsitzigen Komfortsesseln und Zehnerkabinen wählen.

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