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Snowpark Montafon

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Snowpark Montafon

Silvretta Montafon

Snowpark Montafon 15/16 - Rider: Bruno

The Snowpark Montafon is just one of a kind.

As one of the biggest and best terrain parks in the Alps, it already made a name for itself and made a lasting impression all over Europe since it moved to the Grasjoch and became wellknown for its radical park designs. Even well known wintersport magazines called it "The measure of all freestyle parks"!

The spot on the Grasjoch is home for the Snowpark Montafon for its second full season now and offers ideal conditions: The area is just perfect to place kicker and other obstacles into the landscape. Besides that the park has its own lift: With the Freda Lift you can't only do laps til your legs hurt, but you'll also have a great overview of the park, so that you can plan your next line on the way up.

And you should really do that: With more than 40 obstacles you'll have the agony of choice for all kinds of riding levels. The 8-man shaper-crew is maintains the park on a daily basis and will reshape and relocate the obstacles within the season. So it never gets boring in the Snowpark Montafon and the ambitious goal to thrill all snowboarders and freeskiers with a versatile, creative and progressive setup can be realized. With the huge number of obstacles there will be really long lines to shred and more obstacles than ever before can be jibbed in just one run.

Kids and freestyle-newbies have lots of boxes and rollers to shred. Experts will have a kicker line with tables of different sizes and additional rails, pipes and other special obstacles in various forms. The playful fun pipe with small walls and diverse corner-jumps shows the progressive claim of the park.

So it's not uncommon that some of the best Freeskiers and Snowboarders will be regularly in the park and that you will find yourself next to some X-Games competitor or an Olympic Athlete the in-run. Pros and amateurs will not only be attracted by the one and only creative setup, but also by the events and contests taking place in the park.

More infos about the Snowpark Montafon, the events and lots of media can be found on Facebook Snowpark Montafon or Instagram @snowparkmontafon

Skigebied Silvretta Montafon

Schnee- und Parkstatus

Leider keine aktuellen Parkinformationen vorhanden.

Aktuelle Informationen Vandaag, 04:01
Vandaag, 04:01
1 van 35
Geopende liften
Achtung: Letzter Skitag der Wintersaison 2019/20 ist der 15. März 2020!

Snowpark Montafon

Ligging boven zeeniveau
2050 m
300 000m²

Der Setup-Plan des Parks findet ihr ab Dezember auf Facebook.

Industry curved (Rail)
Industry kinked (Rail)
Up Industry (Rail)
Down Industry (Rail)
L Rail Combo (Specials)
Stairset (Specials)
Beginner (Kicker)
Beginner (Kicker)
Rainbow (Box)
Kinked (Box)
Riffelrohr (Specials)
Kids bank (Specials)

Weitere Informationen

2 000 Uren
Aantal uren shaping per seizoen
5 000h
Park Size
Head Shaper
Philipp Baumgartner
Silvretta Montafon
Waardering 3,5
4 Waarderingen
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