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Alpspitzpark Nesselwang

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Alpspitzpark Nesselwang

Alpspitz / Edelsberg - Nesselwang

The Wood Park - 5ive Rider Michael Botzenhart

The Alpspitzpark is "Snowpark Nesselwang"

The terrain park at the Alpspitze Nesselwang sets new standards when it comes to street snowboarding in Germany. True to the motto "Welcome to the Hood", you now feel displaced from the Allgäu int o the the Bronx, New York: US taxi and police cars, real Graffiti Walls and an entire police station are just waiting to be ridden by snowboarders and freeskiers.
Unique in Germany and Europe, this Street Park, with its urban features offers endless possibilities for creative Riding. The obstacles are designed so that both pro riders and beginners enjoy a ride throug „the hood“ and continuously improve their riding. But not only the urban hood look of kickers, rails and boxes is special but also the shape of each element is unique in appearance and calls out for the creativity of all winter sports fans out there, because oh boy, there are so many different ways to ride the hood.

Wood Park and Kids Park provide variety and are fun for young and old
In addition to the street snowpark there will be the well-known Wood- and Kids Park at the Alpspitze. So all snowboarders and freeskiers can take a break from Hood flair and ride the obstacles of the Wood Park in real "Lumberjack-Feeling". The fully crafted wooden features fit perfectly into the landscape and nature, and invite everyone to live out his creativity in a special nature-loving type. For the little ones and freestyle newcomers the Kids Park offers the perfect playground to gain their first freestyle experiences and train for the larger obstacles. Especially wide, low boxes are perfect for the smallest of freeskiers and snowboarders and promise a lot of fun.

Daily floodlight Park
And of course once again Nesselwang and the Alpspitze Bahn will burn the candle at both ends in the winter season 2015/16 The three parks - Red Bull The Station, the Wood Park and the Kids Park - are accessible daily thanks tot he installed floodlights. From 6 pm to 9 pm everyone can shred into the night.
Especially in the "Hood" setup with the flair of the Bronx stands out when it’s nighttime. Artificial snowmaking allows it to enjoy the parks for the whole season.

Skigebied Alpspitz / Edelsberg - Nesselwang

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Kombibahnen tägl. von 9 bis 17 Uhr geöffnet. Ganzjahresrodelbahn AlpspitzCoaster von 10 bis 17 Uhr geöffnet AlpspitzKick von 10 bis 16 Uhr
Ab 30.04.2022 Sommerbetrieb tägl. von 9 bis 17 Uhr

Snowpark Nesselwang SPNW

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Once you have entered the large park area it's time to breath in the fresh air of the hood. At The Bronx you will find numerous rails, boxes and pipes for the endless jib sessions. But not only jibs, also some jumps are part of the hood.

Jib Car "The Cab" (Specials)
Hydrant - Pole Jam (Specials)
Donkey (Rail)
plastic ripped Pipeslide
tabletop Kicker
knuckle, 7m table
tabletop Kicker
knuckle, 10m table
straight Box
metal Pipeslide
Box - Rail up-Down Combo (Specials)
Multi Combo (Specials)
Garbage Bin (Specials)
Multi Spine (Specials)
"The Bridge" (Rail)
2 Drops (Kicker)
mail Box
"Police Station" Multi Box-Rail Stairset (Specials)

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