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Snowpark Crazy Kangaroo Park Söll - Funpark Crazy Kangaroo Park Söll - Park Söll - SkiWelt - Snowboarden

Crazy Kangaroo Park Söll

Crazy Kangaroo Park Söll

Söll - SkiWelt

The ‘SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser – Brixental’ is Austria’s biggest coherent ski resorts and ranks among the most versatile and snowiest winter sport destinations of the Alps.

The freestyle community will now get their money’s worth, too, because with the Crazy Kangaroo Park and Funny Bird Slope in Söll, the Tyrolean mountains now boast a unique freestyle playground.

Crazy Kangaroo Park Söll: on the Rinnner run (46), Easy Line and medium/advanced area for beginners and experts.

"Funny Bird Slope": at the Salvenmoos run (47) with an easy line and over 40 kickers and rails. Night sessions from Wednesday until Saturday.

In addition to a massive kicker line with tables between 3 and 8 meters, the park offers an armada of boxes, rails and jibs. For both beginners and more advanced riders, the Snowpark Söll is the ideal place for extensive shred sessions!

Skigebied Söll - SkiWelt

Schnee- und Parkstatus

Leider keine aktuellen Parkinformationen vorhanden.

Snowpark Söll

Ligging boven zeeniveau
1220 m
627 m

New obstacles enrich the setup
To let snowboarders and freeskiers fully appreciate the unique qualities of the
SkiWelt Söll, a great freestyle offer was created last season in the ski resort – the
Snowpark Söll. From that moment on, the paths were clear for a lot of shred fun.
The playful setup spreads along the entire ski lift ‘Rinner’ and includes specials
like the 7m Corner, which could already be shredded last season. This year a
brand-new Flat-Tube and a Flat/Down Rail will be conjured up in the snow by
the shapers. Shred-heads also don´t have to miss out on jib-fun when it gets dark,
because next to the floodlight area, a small but nice Rail-Line will be built. This
season is bound to be awesome!

Down Rail 7m (Rail)
Mailbox 4m (Box)
Down Rail 8m (Rail)
Kink Box 7m (Box)
Jib Tank 4m (Specials)
Flat Box 4m (Box)
Dance Floor Butter Box 5m (Box)
Kicker Jump 2m (Kicker)
Kicker Jump 3m (Kicker)
Kicker Jump 3m (Kicker)
Kicker Jump 4m (Kicker)
Flat Rail (Rail)

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