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Biasca und Rivieratal

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Biasca und Rivieratal


Welcome in "Valle Riviera"!

Geographical buffer zone between the plain and the mountain chains of Upper Ticino, Riviera is the ideal region if you are looking for a wide range of holiday activities in an area of only a few kilometres. Down through the centuries the valley has always given a warm welcome to the peoples of Europe on their way to or from famous passes such as the St. Gotthard and the Luckmanier; nature lovers, sports enthusiasts, art and history buffs, lovers of fine food and shopping will find something to satisfy their every whim.

The paths on the banks of the wide and peacefully flowing river provide ample opportunities for relaxing walks or energetic hiking, horse-riding and cycling; if you are looking for a challenge, then canoeing or rafting may be more up your street, whilst there is no shortage of sports facilities, fitness centres and spas. Higher up, the smaller valleys are a veritable goldmine of local specialities, which you can savour in informal style at the “grottos”; or why not pamper your palate at one of the restaurants where old recipes are creatively reinvented by expert chefs.

On the banks of the river, silently marking the seasons and the passing of time, stand silent historic dwellings, museums, beautifully frescoed Romanesque monuments and small private chapels. In contrast, Biasca, with its busy streets is a dynamic town whose industrial zone is a pole of attraction for cutting-edge research. Biasca “Borgo”, on the other hand, is where you should go if you feel like browsing in the shops or wish to satisfy a hunger for art. On the outskirts of the town the granite quarries stand like sentinels guarding this delightful crossroads on the “People’s Highway”


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Bellinzonese e Alto Ticino Turismo
Contrada Cavalier Pellanda 4, CH-6710 Biasca

+41 (0)91 8623327
+41 (0)91 8624269

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