Hotel Marica
39050 Eggen
vanaf EUR 380
3 Nachten

Discover the Dolomites on two wheels – 3-day short-stay holiday for cyclists

Mountainbike-vakantie / Bikertouren / Radurlaub
10.06.2023 tot 14.10.2023
3/4 Pension (HP+Nachmittagsjause)

Hop onto your bike and come with us to discover the fascinating mountain landscape of the Dolomites! We are experienced mountain bike guides and will take you on a fantastic and un-forgettable tour, divided into two ability levels. Back at our hotel, we will spoil you with a deli-cious, hearty afternoon snack and relaxing massage. To end the day in style, you will then be served a superb 5-course meal à la carte.

The package „Discover the Dolomites on two wheels“ includes:
•3-day indulgence package at Bikehotel Marica
•1 guided Mountain Bike Tour
•1 Energy bar-package and bike bottle

  • Prices are subject to change
Aanvraag per mail versturen
70 Bedden, 30 Kamers
Auer Maria Carola

Dorf 30, 39050 Eggen - Reisroute

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