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BERGFEX: Ferienregion Attersee: Vakantie Ferienregion Attersee - Reizen Ferienregion Attersee

Ferienregion Attersee

Ferienregion Attersee

500 - 1.600m

Pure Delight on Lake Attersee

Vacation Time, Holiday Season

Days and weeks of the year which really count. Feeling good, relaxing, resting,
leisure time – the holiday region Attersee-Salzkammergut provides the
right choices, so that all guests can truly enjoy the most beautiful days of the
year. A rich diversity of offers in a unique ambiance for a particularly good
time. On Lake Attersee, serenity is a true experience.
Holidays include various variations. On Lake Attersee all of them can be
experienced. Be it young or old, dynamic, sportive, delightful or something of
everything: here you can live all kinds of holiday enjoyments. An all-inclusive
programme for every taste. The water is synonym for relaxation, vitality
and energy, the landscape is a picturesque challenge. On Lake Attersee the
landscape is like a dream and an unforgettable experience.
With its surface of 46,7 km², Lake Attersee is Austria’s largest inland lake.
It consists of three basins of different sizes and depths – which are approximately
20 km long and from two to three kilometres wide. The deepest spot
is a depth of 171 metres. In the south, the Lake is confined by the steep
rock faces of the Höllengebirge mountain range (1.862 m)and the Schafberg
mountain; in the north, the smooth foothills of the Alps touch the green
shores of the inland lake. The lake’s west and east side is enclosed by the
wooded mountains of the Alps’ foothills. The blue-green and often turquoise
water of drinking water quality is crystal clear up to 30 metres down. Twentysix
domestic fish species have found their home in the crystal-clear depths.

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Ferienregion Attersee
Ferienregion Attersee
Ferienregion Attersee
Ferienregion Attersee

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TVB Ferienregion Attersee - Salzkammergut
Nußdorferstraße 15, AT-4864 Attersee

+43 (0)7666 7719
Ferienregion Attersee
+43 (0)7666 7719 19

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