Kurtatsch - Margreid - Kurtinig

209 - 1.830m
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Kurtatsch - Margreid - Kurtinig
209 - 1.830m

The southern part of Alto Adige: a countryside to delight your body and soul.

Here, you can enjoy a little bit more than anywhere else: a bit more sunshine, a bit more warmth, a bit more ‘dolce vita’: the perfect conditions for a vacation in South Tyrol. The Alto Adige Bassa Atesina, or Südtiroler Unterland, which stretches as far as the Salorno Chiusa, not only acts as a provincial border, but also as a language border to the neighbouring Trentino region, a bridge between two different cultures. This is reflected in the buildings and dialects as well as in the culinary specialities of Cortaccia, Magrè and Cortina. The South Tyrolean Wine Road, which in part follows the antique Roman road ‘Via Claudia Augusta’, leads you in a leisurely scenic drive to Bolzano, from which you can easily reach the Dolomites. The newly built Val d'Adige cycling path, which reaches nearly all the way from Meran to Verona (with a special exit to Lake Garda), makes this region a real cycling paradise.

Cortaccia, Magrè and Cortina: three villages - one character

The wine-producing villages of Cortaccia, Magrè and Cortina are nestled among orchards and vineyards. Mediterranean elegance pervades this winegrowing region, with its cypresses, oleander trees, fig and olive trees. Paths lead you gently upward past scattered farmhouses, through vineyards and woods to the upland terraces of Penone and Corona and the Favogna Lake. There you will find an ancient carved stone, giant redwood trees, as well as Europe’s highest vineyard – Müller Thurgau. A grapevine planted in 1601 covers the whole front of a house in the village of Magrè. Many architectural details bear witness to the merging of Alpine and Italian cultures: sandstone framed door arches and double-arched windows, loggias and expertly forged window grills. The southerly location means hiking and biking are possible all year round. In spring, a special experience is walking or cycling though a sea of apple blossoms. The Informative Wine Trail, wine and food hikes, guided tours of the Museum of People through Time as well as apple seminars and winery tours with wine tasting are offered. Various concerts and festivals invite you to join in the celebration.

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Kurtatsch - Margreid - Kurtinig
Kurtatsch - Margreid - Kurtinig
Kurtatsch - Margreid - Kurtinig
Kurtatsch - Margreid - Kurtinig

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