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Monte San Giorgio

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Monte San Giorgio


Monte San Giorgio rises up like a majestic, green pyramid surrounded by Lake Lugano in the southernmost part of Switzerland, in the Mendrisio district, where the Alps meet the Po Valley and the Mediterranean landscapes. It is located on the Italian-Swiss border between the Swiss Canton of Ticino and the Italian region of Lombardy.

It is more than just a mountain, albeit of extraordinary beauty, with unmissable panoramic viewpoints and a series of traditional, inhabited villages. The bowels of the mountain conceal the history of the evolution of the flora and fauna, dating back to 230 million years ago, which has been studied and valued by researchers from all over the world.

A history that makes this place unique and that invites tourists to begin their sight-seeing by visiting the Monte San Giorgio Fossil Museum, in Meride; this area has much to offer, beyond the fossil collection.

The UNESCO rated the Monte San Giorgio deposit as exceptional and has officially acknowledged the global importance of the area that conceals this treasure, by adding it to the World Heritage List in 2003 for its Swiss part, and extending this status to the Italian side in 2010. This makes Monte San Giorgio a transnational natural heritage site of exceptional universal value.


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Monte San Giorgio

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