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BERGFEX: Natur & Aktiv Resort Ötztal: hotel Oetz Ötztal -

Natur & Aktiv Resort Ötztal

6433 Oetz

112 Bedden, 40 Kamers
Familie Amprosi
Piburgerstraße 6, 6433 Oetz

Welcome to Natur & Aktiv Resort Ötztal

Are you one of those people who are tired of normal holidays? Is a holiday for you about more than just recharging your batteries? Is nature the perfect place for you to wind down by burning off some energy or relaxing? Then the Natur & Aktiv Resort Ötztal could be your perfect home in the mountains.

You can have it all at the Natur & Aktiv Resort: the Active Club has plenty in the way of sport to offer while the Kids’ Club is heaven on earth for children. The Bike Center has an ultra-professional offer to suit all cyclists. The Adventure Center enables you to learn a wide range of adventure and fashionable sports. The FeelWell Center is a place of tranquillity where you can find new balance. Our professionally trained guides are on hand every day to provide individual support across all ability levels. And something which is never lacking: lots of fun for everyone!

Exclusively and for free for our guests - the Natur & Aktiv Resort Superior Card:

x Free use of all facilities at the FeelWell Center
x Hire of top quality bikes (Giant and Haibike), serviced after each use
x Free participation in guided programme of activities
with 2 guided walks or mountain tours
and 2 guided biking tours
x Archery taster session
x Climbing taster session
x Free hire of walking sticks and rucksack
x Participation in activities at the Widi Kids Club
(Mon-Fri, for children aged 3 to approx. 10 years old)

We look forward to welcoming you soon!
Family Amprosi & Natur & Aktiv Resort Team


Aanbiedingen Zomer Natur & Aktiv Resort Ötztal

vanaf EUR 1 050
7 Nachten

Gezinsvakantie / Paaskorting

Gültig van 13.04.2019 tot 22.04.2019


Hoofdseizoen Vor-/Nebensaison
Overnachting € 61 tot € 90 € 51 tot € 77
met ontbijt € 89 tot € 113 € 75 tot € 95
Half pension € 104 tot € 128 € 90 tot € 110
All-inclusive - -
Hoofdseizoen Vor-/Nebensaison
Overnachting € 47 tot € 82 € 37 tot € 68
met ontbijt € 80 tot € 100 € 66 tot € 85
Half pension € 95 tot € 115 € 81 tot € 100
All-inclusive - -

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