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bergfex: Videos Salzburg Stadt

Video's Salzburg Stadt

Timelapse Salzburg
2 years ago
eingetragen: 27.04.2017

Die zeitlose Schönheit von Salzburg (Österreich) aus dem Blickwinkel einer Zeitraffer-Aufnahme betrachtet.


By: www.salzburgerland.com
Video: www.bryanreinhart.info


Salzburgs Youtube Account: www.youtube.com/salzburginfo
Salzburgs Instagram Account: www.instagram.com/visitsalzburg/
Salzburgs Facebook Account: www.facebook.com/salzburg
Salzburgs Twitter Account: twitter.com/salzburg_info
Salzburgs G+ Account: plus.google.com/+salzburgtourismus

Salzburg - The Stage of the World
6 years ago
eingetragen: 27.04.2017

Salzburg - a city of artists and art lovers
Famous composers, authors, singers, painters, gallery owners and conductors, have left their marks on the city. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Michael Haydn, Georg Trakl, Thomas Bernhard, Stefan Zweig, Arturo Toscanini, Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Oskar kokoschka, Maria von Trapp, Herbert von Karajan, Peter Handke and Gerard Mortier -- to name but a few -- significantly influenced the city's cultural development.

4,000 events to choose from
The year's wide variety of cultural events, nearly 4,000 in number, are Salzburg's pulsating heart. In addition to the internationally renowned and much-noticed events such as the Salzburg Festival, Mozart Week and Advent Singing, the calendar of events is enhanced with new concert series or festivals each year.

Salzburg's unique beauty
What makes Salzburg so distinctive, is its playful lightness: The enchanting silhouette of the Fortress, Cathedral and church steeples in this baroque city north of the Alps are so beautiful that it is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Highlights on the calendar
The highlights include the Easter and Whitsun Festival, the Dialogs at the Mozarteum, the Jazz Festival, the Winterfest during Advent, the Marionette Theater, The Sound of Music, szene salzburg, ballet performances, Salzburg Street Theater, romantic Palace Concerts and the countless church concerts.
Whatever your inclination may be: discover the wonderful contrast of the old and the new in Salzburg. Day after day. Evening after evening.

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