Gleirschklamm' Gorge

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The Gleirschklamm is one of the most beautiful natural gorges in the Karwendel.

You experience a unique water-rock landscape and feel the power and strength of the water, which has been making its way through the rock for centuries. Over bridges through meters high rocks, you walk along the rushing water about 45 minutes on a narrow path through the gorge. You should be sure-footed and free from vertigo. The chirping dippers, which breed in the gorge, form a wonderful contrast to the rushing of the stream - animals and nature in full harmony, untouched by stress and hectic. Rarely can you enjoy nature in its diversity and uniqueness as much as here.

In the past, the gorge was used for timber drifting. It was a very difficult undertaking to transport the logs through the narrow gorge into the valley. In early summer, the melt water was dammed up at the beginning of the Gleirsch gorge at the so-called "Klausen", the logs were lowered into the water and after reaching the necessary water level, the Klausen gate was opened with one blow. The logs shot through the gorge with a mighty surge of water out of the valley of the Isar towards Scharnitz. Often the logs got wedged in the gorge and had to be laboriously set up again by the experienced men, the so-called Triftern.
Today, nothing reminds of this dangerous work, during which many men were injured and also lost their lives.

On a hot summer day, the hiker enjoys the cool and water-saturated air in the Gleirschklamm. From Scharnitz you can reach the entrance to the Gleirschklamm via the Isarsteig, past the Scharnitzer Alm via the Nederweg.
At the beginning, rest areas with information boards invite the hiker to linger. It is simply wonderful to refresh your tired feet in the cold Gleirschbach and recharge your batteries.
At the end of the gorge, you have the option of either hiking back to Scharnitz via the Oberbrunnalm or the Hochwald, or you can continue hiking along the Gleirsch valley via forest roads to the Möslalm or Kristenalm and enjoy a leisurely finish there.

Route: Karwendel parking lot - chalk bridge - Gleirschklamm - Gasthof Amtssäge - Möslalm or Kristenalm, return either Gleirschstraße or Hochwaldweg.
Walking time: approx. 3 hours there and back (walking in the gorge: approx. 1 hour)
Difficulty: easy


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