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Virgen – come as a guest, go as a friend Westwards from Matrei you will come across the beautiful valley of Virgen, where after a few kilometres the idyllic village of Virgen is lying at a smooth slope at 1200m. The community is composed of several settlements such as Mitteldorf, Mellitz, Göriach, Welzelach, Obermauern and Niedermauern, all of them surrounding the centre. The ruins of castle so called “Rabenstein” (12th century) lying above are witnessing the important historical background of this valley, often chosen for settlements ever since because of its mild and favourable climate. Therefore, Virgen is often called the “Meran” of the Eastern Tyrol, in comparison to the well-known health-resort in the Southern Tyrol. There is an important cultural life in Virgen: Being relatively isolated and deeply connected to nature, the people have preserved a very strong religious faith up to now .Due to vow back in the 17th century, when the great plague was haunting this valley, there is a votive ram-offering taking place every year on behalf of the pilgrims´ church of Obermauern. This gothic chapel is also famous for its ancient fresco-paintings by Simon von Taisten. In Virgen, however, temporal festivities have got their place as well- according to the farmers´ annual cycle. No limits will be set to those who like rambling. Nature in its splendid variety is charming you here. The village being situated right in the centre of the future National park- a further proof for the outstanding quality of the region’s landscape. Walking from the so-called “Zedlacher Paradies” crowned by larch trees as old as the hills, up to the famous cascades of “Umbalfälle”, you will be charmed by an ideal landscape. The magic of nature as well as this particular cultural background will contribute to your physical and mental well-being. If you climb up to the high-alpine regions, you will easily leave your everyday-life behind. Man looses his importance facing the splendid power of creation, which is represented by the mighty summits over 3000 m. A feeling of bliss and peace is striking the visitor of the remote regions. There are several alpine refuges offering the possibility for a longer stay in these mountains, enabling you to assist one of these marvellous sun-rises. Experienced local guides will lead you safe and sound, and if you wish to practise your paragliding, you will be carried off to the eagle’s skies by an ideal up-current. As soon as the winter is falling in the region of “Hohe Tauern”, a new and fascinating time will start: Surrounded by fairy-tale landscape Virgen will attract the visitor in winter time as well: 30 km of scenic hiking-trails, 16 km of double-track trails for cross-country skiing, and several toboggan runs will make you enjoy your winter holidays. There is a ski-lift in Virgen, and the “Goldried” skiing region at a distance of 7 km only, providing winter sport facilities of high quality. Winter in Virgen, however, means also cultural and social events. There will be endless challenges for ski-touring as well as guided ski-rambling tours.

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