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Zagorje ob Savi

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Zagorje ob Savi


Zagorje is considered an urban village along the river Sava, which began intensively to develop with the advent of the railroad and the mining of coal. The place changed slowly into an industrial center. The region of Zagorje is still primarily the industrial center, but has a rich cultural life (theater, choirs, annual art camp, ...) and an active social life offer.

For the visitor, especially the surrounding towns and hills (eg Čemšeniška mountain,, ...) are very interesting, offering unlimited opportunities for hiking and relaxing in nature.

The pond in Zagorje was created at the foot of the hill of the old village. The road connects the villages of Zagorje, Trbovlje and Ravensko.

In the immediate vicinity of the Fishing Center of Zagorje ob Savi has its seat. Guests can purchase fishing licenses. Allowed are fly fishing and fishing with a float and bottom fishing. Catched can be tench, roach, rudd and carp.

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Zagorje ob Savi

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ZaTO Zasavje
Podvine 36, SI-1410 Zagorje ob Savi

+386 3 5660511
+386 3 5660510

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