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BERGFEX: Schlosshotel Seewirt: hotel Turrach, Turracher Höhe

Schlosshotel Seewirt

8864 Turrach

80 Bedden, 40 Kamers
Schlosshotel Seewirt
Turracherhöhe 33, 8864 Turrach

Holiday harmony, thrilling traditons!

Cosiness throughout!
The Schlosshotel Seewirt - a romantic splendour! The history of this once secluded guesthouse, whose last chapter has been written by Elke and Richard Prodinger, is quite a dramatic one. Built at the turn of the 19th century, it used to be a simple questhouse, before it became a comfortable hotel.

Excellent eating and drinking!
philipp - the restaurant, Sir Richard Stub'n, Restaurant Eisenhut. While some like to stay out late and have some drinks, others prefer to dine or dedicate themselves to the country like style. The pleasures are multiple and the offer is of high quality. However - the Schlosshotel Seewirt is just the perfect place to indulge your body and soul.

Relaxation and physical fitness!
The Schlosshotel Seewirt is surrounded for kilometers by the most beautiful recreation area in the world: the wonderful pinewooods of the Turracher Höhe. There is also: an indoor swimming pool, the "Schwitzkasten", saunas, abeatuy - and vitality center, massage parlours and an exercise room. The "Schwitzkasten" is a special sauna, built of 200 year old timber from an old farmhouse.

Suites, family rooms, "regular" rooms. They all have one thing in common: they are very spacious! Of course the suites and family rooms are a little bigger, as 3, 4 or 5 people need more room than 2, but the "regular" rooms are spacious and comfortable as well. At the Seewirt no room looks like the other. "Hunters" and real nature lovers might like to stay at the "Adlerhorst" (eyrie). So they can be close to nature even when they are asleep. The "Mönchszimmer = Monks Room" is not really spartan as it sounds. Please find more information about the various types of rooms in the enclosed pricelist.

Winter at the Turracher Höhe.
White mountains and ski runs, frozen lakes. Go hiking in the sparkling snow, skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, ice-skating or just build a snowman. Here you will get spoilt by our “Ski-Butler”, and there you can have a toast to “Frau Holle”.

We are looking forward to your arrive and we wish you a pleasant stay!

Apropos Autos: Richard, der Schlossherr, macht auch mit seinen Motorrad-, Cabrio-, Sportwagen- oder Oldtimer- fahrenden Gästen immer wieder “Ausritte“ über attraktive Passstraßen, er nennt sie „Genuss-Touren“, welche bei allen Gästen als echte Highlights gelten.

Wir sind ein Mitgliedsbetrieb der Genießer HOTEL&RESTAURANTs,
die Adresse wo Gourmets logieren!

Aanbiedingen Winter Schlosshotel Seewirt

vanaf EUR 774
7 Nachten

Skikorting / Genieterskorting

Gültig van 24.03.2019 tot 07.04.2019


Hoofdseizoen Vor-/Nebensaison
Overnachting - -
met ontbijt € 127 tot € 147 € 113 tot € 133
Half pension € 145 tot € 165 € 131 tot € 151
All-inclusive - -
Hoofdseizoen Vor-/Nebensaison
Overnachting - -
met ontbijt € 81 tot € 101 € 75 tot € 90
Half pension € 96 tot € 116 € 90 tot € 105
All-inclusive - -

Kinder im Zusatzbett erhalten bei 2 vollzahlenden Personen:
Gitterbett: Euro 5,00 pro Tag
von 3-5 Jahre: 70% Ermäßigung (auf volle Euro auf- bzw. abgerundet)
von 6-10 Jahre: 50% Ermäßigung (auf volle Euro auf- bzw. abgerundet)
von 11-15 Jahre: 40% Ermäßigung (auf volle Euro auf- bzw. abgerundet)
In den Kombinationen erhalten Kinder bis 15 Jahre 20% Ermäßigung (auf volle Euro auf- bzw. abgerundet).
Im eigenen Zimmer erhalten Kinder keine Ermäßigung.

Hunde: Euro 15,00 am Tag ohne Futter

80 Bedden, 40 Kamers
Schlosshotel Seewirt
Turracherhöhe 33, 8864 Turrach
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