BERGFEX: Skigebied Gitschberg Jochtal - Skivakantie Gitschberg Jochtal

Skigebieden Zuid-Tirol

Skigebied Gitschberg Jochtal

1.307 - 2.510m
Plattegrond verbergen

Gitschberg Jochtal

1.307 - 2.510m

Pisteplan Skigebied Gitschberg Jochtal
Aktuelle InformationenVandaag, 20:12
Vandaag, 20:12
Geopende liften

Liften Gitschberg Jochtal


Diensttijden Winter

08:30 - 16:30

Pistes Gitschberg Jochtal

20,7 km (15)
25,4 km (9)
9,3 km (4)
55,4 km

Nieuwigheden Gitschberg Jochtal

The Rio Pusteria Ski and Holiday Area had highly successful winter seasons with the new 10-seater Ski Express gondola and the addition of the Wastl Huber piste and Gimmy Fun Ride to our slopes. We have continued to work hard in the lead up to the coming winter season and are looking forward to unveiling our new family piste, a blue slope on Mt. Gitschberg. Alongside a new children’s park by the Meransen valley station, which we are building in collaboration with the Gitschberg Ski School, this will make our family-friendly ski area even more inviting.

In line with our goal of investing in the future, the Rio Pusteria Ski and Holiday Area is continuing to focus on reliable snow coverage and quality management, so that your skiing holiday doesn’t have to be at the mercy of the snow gods! Snow production in Maranza can now be guaranteed thanks to the construction of the new Grabenkreuz Reservoir, with a capacity of around 82,000m3, along with two new pumping stations on Mt. Gitschberg. Alongside this, we are working towards fully automated snow production and have acquired a total of 55 new snow guns to cover both Mt. Gitschberg and Mt. Jochtal. Our investment budget for this winter runs to around 5.5 million Euros. All these innovations will be in place at the start of the 2019/2020 winter season and will play their part in giving you an unforgettable holiday in the Rio Pusteria Ski and Holiday Area. We look forward to welcoming you!

Skigebied Gitschberg Jochtal

  • Over 55 kilometres of pistes offering ideal snow conditions at altitudes between 1,300 and 2,500 metres at the sunny south of the Pfunderer Mountains
  • Easy: 20,7 km
  • Medium: 25,4 km
  • Hard: 9,3 km
  • 15 modern lift systems for comfortable skiing days
  • 2 certified ski schools bearing the “child-friendly” seal
  • 3 kids’ parks with full day-care offers: The Gitschberg Jochtal skiing resort is listed as one of Italy’s best skiing areas for children
  • 2 tobbagan runs which are accessible with ropeways
  • Gimmy Fun Ride with different small kickers, boxes, steep banks, ecc.
  • A modern snow-making system guarantees a full season
  • The viewing platforms Gitschberg, Stoanermandl and Astjoch with breath-taking panorama views of over 500 summits and mountains
  • Numerous accommodation options for each taste
  • Traditional mountain lodges with culinary specialities and traditional delicacies

Contact Skigebied Gitschberg Jochtal

Skigebiet Gitschberg Jochtal
Jochtalstr. 1, I-39037 Mühlbach

+39 0472 547113
+39 0472 547113
+39 0472 522263
Liftmaatschappij Toeristische dienst

Diensttijden Zomer

20.06.2020 - 07.11.2020
Aantal Liften
Waardering 4,5
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Sportaanbieders Gitschberg Jochtal
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