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BERGFEX: Skigebied Mehliskopf - Skivakantie Mehliskopf - Wintersportgebiet Mehliskopf

Skigebied Mehliskopf


825 - 1.009m

Pisteplan Skigebied Mehliskopf

Nieuwigheden Mehliskopf

Building up the snowpark to 28 elements!

Skigebied Mehliskopf

The Skiing area at Mehliskopf is a meeting place for all snow sport enthusiasts, young or old, beginner or professional, with friends or with the family we offer an atmosphere for everybody. Surrounded by beautiful natural surroundings and fun friendly people it’s the perfect place to escape everyday life and pursue your passion for winter sports.
For beginners to skiing and snowboarding, you will find our professional DSLV snow sport school at the base of the slope. With everything an entry level skier could need we offer a friendly and comfortable service to ease you into the sport with equipment rental, trained instructors and a 70m long rope lift to help take your first steps on the piste.
Advanced Skiers have a choice between four drag style lifts:
Lift 3 has an approximate length of 350m and elevates you to a slight downhill section, ideally suited to practice your first turns or enjoy a more relaxed ride.
Lift 4 extends a little further up the mountain to 400m and offers skiers and snowboarders a steeper starting slope followed by a run into lower more casual slopes.
Lift 1 & 2 are perfect for those with a little more experience taking you 900m and up to 1009m above sea level. Take on slopes at angles of 36 degrees at the top of the run before joining the main piste. Alternatively show off some of your skills and take a run through our Snowpark.
More information for the Snowpark can be found here:
We look forward to welcoming all our guests and of course the 2015/16 season.

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Skigebied Mehliskopf

Freizeit- und Sport-Zentrum Mehliskopf GmbH & Co. KG
Am Stadtwald 4, D-77815 Sand bei Bühl

+49 (0)7226 1300
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