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1.274 - 2.448m

Hohentauern - a little closer to heaven

Away from the hustle and bustle, nestled in the mountain range of the "Niedere Tauern" at 1274m lies the small, idyllic mountain village of Hohentauern, surrounded by a breathtaking mountain world and natural landscape.

Get out of everyday life and enjoy the nature - that is the motto of every nature lover who wants to find peace and relaxation. Discover quiet mountain lakes and idyllic spots along mysterious hiking trails, where you can recharge your batteries for everyday life and achieve harmony and well-being. Enjoy listening to the chirping of birds in a quiet spot, feel the warming rays of the sun on your skin while the surrounding mountains and the dreamlike variety of flowers are reflected in the water.

Experience the fascination of summiting on the ascent to the Hohentaur mountains and let your thoughts wander into the distance as you gaze out over the breathtaking scenery.

You will be spoilt with culinary delights in the rustic mountain huts!

*Visit Hohentauern - and feel a little closer to heaven!


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Erlebnisregion Murtal
Tauernstraße 15, A-8785 Hohentauern

+43 3577 26600

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