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Welcome to Ottenschlag!

Ottenschlag is situated at 849 m above sea level in the heart of the Waldviertel. Many sunny days, a pleasant climate, the idyllic landscape and spicy forest air invite you to relax and enjoy.

The market town of Ottenschlag has a well-developed infrastructure, such as public offices and facilities, schools, banks, post offices, numerous businesses from various sectors, restaurants and cafés, doctors, a relief organisation and a pharmacy.

The landmark of Ottenschlag is the castle with its three round towers.
It houses the agricultural college with a focus on tourism and event management.
The rustic castle cellar is open all year round and serves local delicacies.

Around Ottenschlag everything revolves around the poppy. Blooming poppy fields dominate the landscape during the season. At the poppy farm Greßl you will find the lovingly furnished poppy museum, where interested visitors can learn more about poppy cultivation and the diverse products. A selection of high-quality products, including Waldviertel poppy oils (grey poppy, white poppy, blue poppy and basil poppy oil) are offered for sale.

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