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The village of Santa Maddalena/St. Magdalena is located at the rear end of the Funes valley. This is the place where the most popular photographic subjects are to be found, as the Church of Santa Maddalena, which is situated at the foot of the Ruefen Mountain. The church together with the adjacent sacristy, the old school, and the "Obermesnerhof" farmstead form a unique ensemble in the foreground of the Odle/Geisler massif.

The "Ranuihof" farmstead with the St. Johann Church in Ranui, a small painted baroque church, which was sponsored by Michael von Jenner in 1744, is likewise worth mentioning.

To discover the nature park, its flora and fauna, as well as the geological formation of the Dolomites, the Nature Park House of Santa Maddalena is the right address. Adults and children can find out more about the uniqueness of the mountains.

Santa Maddalena is also a perfect starting point for hikes inside the Nature Park Puez-Odle.

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Dolomitental Villnöss
Dolomitental Villnöss
Dolomitental Villnöss
Dolomitental Villnöss

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