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BERGFEX: Schwarzwald: Vakantie Schwarzwald - Reizen Schwarzwald


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Full of Experiences: Welcome to the Black Forest

The Black Forest with its dense forests, bright mountain tops and peaks with spectacular views, mysterious glacial lakes and romantic valleys is one of Germany´s most popular destinations for holidaymakers and visitors. Hardly any other holiday region is as diverse as the Black Forest located in the south-west of Germany: The 11.100 km² are home to a rapidly changing landscape, with forests in the north, the less dense middle Black Forest and the mountainous 1493m of the Feldberg in the south. But Germany´s highest low mountain range comprises only around two-thirds of the total surface: There are also the lush, sprawling heights of the Baar in the East and the vineyards in the West.

Thanks to the new Black Forest biosphere reserve, the holiday region can point to a further record: The highest national and international conservation ratings and, with the Black Forest national park and the two Black Forest natural preserves, the largest protected area in a holiday region.

In the Black Forest, nature is not just a backdrop for the vacation – holidaymakers can be sure that experiencing the great outdoors will be the main event: Cyclists and bike enthusiasts of all kinds will find ideal conditions with more than 8.500 kilometres of cycle paths. Numerous family-friendly cycle paths run through the Black Forest, away from busy roads, and can be conveniently combined with public transport.

For hikers, there are more than 23.000 kilometres of walking routes – whether along the alpine peaks for several days or just for a short walk around one of the many points of interest. Themed walks and trails are signposted for families and offer on warm days a chance to cool down in the becks and lakes or in the shaded woodland.

There is so much for families to discover in the Black Forest that there is no risk of getting bored on holiday! A tip for the thrifty: the SchwarzwaldCard. The card can be purchased to provide free entry and discounts into 140 attractions. It is valid for any three days of the year and is sure to save you money. The card is available with and without free entry into the Europa-Park in Rust. Around 50 bonus partners also offer discounts on other days.

The Black Forest is easy to discover by bus and train – and with the KONUS guest card it is for free! The card is handed out to holidaymakers upon arrival by 11.000 establishments in 146 towns and offers free travel on all local buses and trains in the entire holiday region.

Furthermore, the holiday region provides a diverse selection of health and wellness resorts, delicious regional foods and drinks, cultural treasures and lively regional traditions.
Further information for holidaymakers in the Black Forest can be obtained from: Schwarzwald Tourismus GmbH, Heinrich-von-Stephan-Str. 8b, D-79100 Freiburg, Tel.: +49 761.8964693, www.blackforest-tourism.com

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Vrijetijdstips Schwarzwald

Mit etwa 60.000 Besuchern im Jahr gehört das Deutsche Uhrenmuseum zu den touristischen Attraktionen im Schwarzwald.
Der historischen Stadtkern, in dem unterschiedlichsten Baustile vereint sind, lädt zur Besichtigung ein: sehenswert ist das barocke Rathaus, der Königshof oder der Fischmarkt mit dem Löwenbrunnen....
Traumhafter Rundweg um das kleine Feriendorf Kniebis, 2008 der drittte Platz unter Deutschlands schönsten Wanderwegen und 2010 ausgezeichnet als Premium Wanderweg! Die Beschreibung finden Sie...
Beliebtes Ausflugsziel an der Schwarzwaldhochstraße
Der Lotharpfad an der Schwarzwaldhochstraße vermittelt den Besuchern auf eine außergewöhnliche Art und Weise, was am 2.Weihnachtsfeiertag 1999 überall im Schwarzwald in den Wäldern geschah.

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Contact Schwarzwald

Schwarzwald Tourismus GmbH
Heinrich-von-Stephan-Str. 8 b, DE-79100 Freiburg

+49 (0)761 896460
+49 (0)761 8964670

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